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Loft Conversions
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In the world today house prices are constantly escalating and not everybody can afford to move home when the time arises. There are more costs than just the buying price of the new property to take into account, the act of physically moving home is expensive and there are many additional expenditure to consider. If your home's not large enough to accommodate your growing family, moving home isn't the only real option.

A quite costly option is to add an extension to your house to gain that additional space, however you might not get the necessary planning permission, and your home may not be suitable. Another option is a garage conversion, which would be much cheaper however is dependant on you actually having a suitable garage and not needing it for parking your car. The other solution is a loft conversion, which may not just be affordable, but can also put more value to your property without increasing its footprint.

Loft conversions have become very popular over the last few years, generally for some of the reasons given above. It's important, before you take the plunge, that you verify whether or not your home is actually well suited for a loft conversion. Homes with roofs made with trusses aren't usually suitable. Some older homes which were built before the 1970's are likely to be well suited for loft conversions since they were built using solid wood rafters and there tended to be a lot of headroom.

To be certain your particular loft space is suitable, you should bring in a conversion specialist to look it over. The builder will present you with a quote for the project as soon as he has established that your particular loft is suitable for conversion. Call in several loft conversion specialists and obtain a handful of estimates so that you have a good notion of the likely costs.  Use your instinct rather than solely thinking about the price when deciding on who's the best person to do your loft conversion.

The majority of loft conversions carried out in do not need planning permission, so there's a reasonable chance that yours won't either. Talk with your local planning department or chat to your conversion specialist about whether planning permission is needed.

Don't believe that doing a loft conversion is going to be cheap, as it's a fairly expensive thing to do. Unless you already have the required funds you could perhaps ask the bank for a loan, which hopefully won't be that difficult as the likelihood is that the loft conversion will add substantially to the market value of the house. As a rule of thumb you may expect that a loft conversion will cost you roughly the same as a fair sized brick ground level extension though the probability is that you will gain more additional space with a loft conversion without increasing the footprint of your property.

Which type of conversion you can get will depend upon the design and layout of your actual property. Loft conversions come in different designs such as: dormer loft conversions, roof light loft conversions, roof lift loft conversions, mansard conversions, hip-to-gable loft conversions, velux loft conversions and loft pods. The builder or loft conversion specialist will inform you what design is best suited for your property.

Among the most popular types of conversion currently is the dormer style, a kind that delivers decent value for money, although still yields the maximum extra space. This style is a favorite choice for property owners because its both practical and eye-catching and provides all which is likely to be required. With a dormer conversion it is even a possibility to add a small balcony, meaning that you're generating supplemental exterior space too. You'll discover there are several kinds of dormer conversions and among these are flat roofed dormers, Velux window dormers, shed dormers and hipped dormers. Chat with a professional to understand which one is actually the most suitable for your home.

One one of the foremost names in roof windows, Velux, have been around for more than sixty years and you can trust in them to provide a loft window that is both efficient and good quality. Velux windows are built to fit in line with the gradient of the roof and hence don't change the shape of the roof structure, nor do they in general require permission and they are reasonably economical to install. Velux windows produce a good amount of daylight and in fact could even require blinds during summer. If your attic has a fair bit of height, a Velux windows may be a great solution for your project, especially if you have limited resources.

The length of time that it may take to do a conversion on your loft depends on four or five variables such as the availability of required materials, the kind of conversion, the amount of pre-planning which is done, the weather conditions and the ability of the constructors. As an approximate guide it ought to take about four to five weeks to accomplish a rear dormer loft conversion on a terraced property and around 5 to 6 weeks to do a hip to gable dormer on a semi-detached property.

You simply need to decide what to use all that extra room for when your loft conversion is finished. You can use it as an additional bedroom or two, a new family bathroom or a guest room. Nevertheless there's lots of uses to which a nicely built conversion can be put, constrained solely by your inventiveness!